IncreMental Golf

College Prep

RECRUIT from IncreMental Golf is a college golf preparatory program designed to polish your entire game and help you become physically and mentally ready to play at the next level. 

Your coach or instructor has done a great job of getting you to this point. Now it is time for a scoring specialist to refine the rough edges of your scoring game so you can step in and play as soon as you get on campus. 

This process happens all the time with football and basketball players going from college to the NFL or NBA. Players are sent to programs run by experts in their field to sharpen strengths and shore up weaknesses for the draft in their particular sport. It has been shown to exponentially increase their earning power. 

This is true at the collegiate golf level as well. The typical RECRUIT from IncreMental Golf player sees a return of 5 to 10 times on their money in up-level scholarship opportunities. Additionally, players are far more likely to make the traveling squad and play right away when they understand their game from a scoring coach perspective.

Daily Coaching

RECRUIT from IncreMental Golf allows you to work either in person or virtually on a daily basis with your scoring coach, Chad Habluetzel. 

Chad is a former touring professional, a college golf coach, the author of three books on motor learning and golf instruction, and the co-founder of a leading university-level golf biomechanics lab. Chad uses a unique drill-based mixture of instructional techniques rooted in multiple motor learning approaches and customized precisely to your game. 

As the former head coach of Top 10 ranked men’s and women’s teams as well as the Director of Golf for the Tom Watson Golf Academy, Chad has coached and consulted players who have gone on to achieve All-American, All-Conference, and Championship recognition at the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.

Jenny E., Utah, USA

"Chad helped me go from the number six player on my high school team to an NCAA Division I player in less than two years!"

Murphy S., California, USA

"I played for Coach in college. He will work you hard, but it's worth it. I became an All-American."

Physical and Mental

RECRUIT from IncreMental Golf can start as early as age 13. 

Physically, you will polish your skill development with a specific emphasis on scoring and situational skills. Mentally, you will understand the level of mental strength and mental toughness required to play week-in, week-out competitive golf. 

Having your mind and body on the same page for every shot is the one thing that will separate you from other similarly talented players and allow you to play collegiate golf at the highest level.

Recruitment Advising

RECRUIT from IncreMental Golf advises all players on college golf recruitment. Learn how to package and sell your skill set directly to college golf coaches.